REVEAL: Indecipherable by Naadhira Zahari

I can’t even put into words on how thrilled I am about this!! One of my biblio friends is finally releasing her own book! And I get to be one of the lucky ones to get a good peek on the title, cover, and synopsis earlier than others.

Title: Indecipherable

Author: Naadhira Zahari

Release Date: October 16, 2021


Indecipherable is a personal resonance of poetry and short stories written by a hopeful and sometimes disappointed writer. This book unearths her hidden thoughts including love, life and words. As well as a glimpse into fiction of the bittersweetness of love, a heist in the name of justice, a dream snatched away, a new beginning and experiencing spring in Japan. This book is a tribute to all the unreadable notions straight from the depth of her mind being played as the pages flicker away.

About the Author

Naadhira has been writing since she was 15 and has never stopped. She spends most of her time getting sucked in books and daydreaming about fictional characters. She’s a lover of words and languages and aspires to make all her dreams come true, specifically to publish all her stories. She can also be found on Bookstagram, Twitter and Blog at @legenbooksdary


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